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Examples of Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a technology that is currently popular. Various industrial fields have taken advantage of this technology, including health, finance, and others. Not only that, but Artificial Intelligence has also been widely applied in everyday life. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help people communicate, find locations, shop, and more. Then what exactly is Artificial Intelligence? Here’s an explanation for you.

Examples of its application include:

Email filters in Gmail

Google uses AI to organize the emails that come to your Gmail account. The AI system can analyze received emails and organize them into categories: primary, social, promotions, updates, forums, and spam. This filter system makes it easy for users to find important emails quickly. Google also claims that this AI-based filter can prevent more than 99% of spam from reaching your inbox.

Use of AI in social media

AI can make it easier for social media users to find and communicate with colleagues. Here are some examples of implementing AI in social media:


AI is used so that users or candidates receive job recommendations that match their experience and abilities. As a result, AI technology is expected better to reach job seekers and companies that open job vacancies.


This social media uses a lot of AI technology, one of which is to recognize faces. For example, Facebook uses a technology called DeepFace to recognize people’s faces in photos. With this technology, users no longer need to manually tag photos because this AI technology will do it.

Google search predictions

When you start typing in the search field, Google will provide recommendations. This is one of the AI technologies used by Google. The resulting search predictions result from analysis collected by Google, such as location, age, and other personal details. Using AI, search engines try to guess what information you are trying to find.

Chatbots for online business

Chatbots that use Artificial Intelligence technology called Natural Language Processing can understand, analyze, and respond to consumer questions quickly and precisely. In addition, Chatbots with NLP can now “learn” from previous conversations to improve their ability to respond and provide solutions. This technology is typically used to help online service providers answer frequently asked questions by consumers, such as scheduling appointments, taking orders, answering billing questions, etc.

Despite the various risks posed, AI can improve a person’s life quality. Experts assure us that artificial intelligence will only enhance a product’s or service’s features and will not replace us humans, in the near future.

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