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History of AI Over Time

Artificial Intelligence (AI) sounds like a technology from the future that will transform human life. But consciously or not, AI is no longer the future technology. Nevertheless, throughout the history of artificial intelligence and machine learning, developments have developed many uses of AI in various sectors ranging from manufacturing, automotive, and retail to banking.

If you look to the future, the development possibilities that can result from AI will be endless. But to understand AI better, you need to know the beginnings of the history of AI or Artificial Intelligence before it became a very trending topic like today.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence, commonly abbreviated as AI, is a branch of computer science that uses the ability of machines to complete tasks and activities usually carried out by humans. AI collects and processes the various data it receives into helpful information to complete the assigned tasks.

History of AI Over Time

Since the 20th century, the term AI has started appearing in research and fantasy films. The presence of the Atanasoff Berry Computer (ABC) in 1940 aroused scientists’ enthusiasm to make an “electronic brain,” which continued to develop and become the Artificial Intelligence we know today.

The Beginning of the History of AI

The history of AI began in 1950 when a mathematician, Alan Turing, in his article entitled Computing Machinery and Intelligence, issued a statement that raised enthusiasm for the development of AI. Turing stated that if humans can solve problems and make decisions based on available information and arrangements, why can’t machines do the same? So other scientists are even more confident and excited to build machines that can resemble human intelligence.

AI Winter phase

Governments and corporations funding AI research feel that researchers have failed to deliver on their promises and make significant advances in AI in the last ten years. They finally decided to end the financing that had been given. At this moment, the history of AI winter, which lasted for approximately two decades from 1973 to 1990, occurred.

Researchers find it challenging to create intelligent machines because their main limitation is inadequate computers. At that time, the computers used needed to be more sophisticated to process massive amounts of data accompanied by slow computer performance. In addition, communication could be better and make development easier, where one must know the meaning of different words to create the expected combination.

In this century, AI is increasingly ready to appear in public. During the early 2000s, the use of AI continued to increase, and more and more information about AI was disseminated. Film is one of the media for giving AI information, whereas, at that time, many films told about AI and its use so that people understood more about what AI would look like in the future. Corporations are also increasingly using AI and continue developing machine learning with adequate computer devices. For example, in 2009 Google quietly started designing a driverless car which was finally announced to the public in 2014 after passing Nevada’s self-driving test.

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