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NightCafe AI Image Generator Review

NightCafe is an AI tool that gives a pictorial form to your words. An AI text-to-image tool that is very efficient and can be helpful for you to find the perfect and most relevant images for your project. If you are a content creator, you will need pictures that are relevant to your content but it takes a lot of effort to find those images.​​ 

New AI tools are helping creators and making it easy for them to find the images and videos that are relevant to their project in just a matter of​​ a few minutes and​​ Nightcafe is one of these websites.

How to Use

You just have to put the​​ description of the image​​ in the search box and click CREATE.​​ 

It will not take more than a minute before you will get your result.​​ 

If​​ you​​ are not satisfied with the first prompt’s result and​​ want the picture to be more specific, you can EVOLVE the image by putting more specific details in the PROMPT2 box.

Figure​​ 1

​​ You can use commas between the description points. This helps​​ the​​ tool get the best result for you.

You can also use Advanced Settings to choose between different styles and designs.

How to Sign Up

You can sign up with this tool​​ through​​ your Facebook account or Google account. You can share your creations with other people on this platform and also see other people’s creations to get inspired and motivated.

Figure​​ 2

Daily​​ Challenges

Nightcafe has a great feature that it allows you to participate in daily​​ challenges.​​ 

On the first day, you can share your creations​​ in​​ a​​ daily challenge.​​ 

The second day will be the voting day, you can vote for your favorite creations.

On the third day, Results will be announced, and the top 20% of​​ entries will receive a prize in the form of NightCafe credits.​​ The specific amount of credit prizes will be mentioned in the daily challenges page.

Figure​​ 3



Credits are an important feature of this tool.

​​ You get free credits which can​​ be used to create your images. You can also get more credits by liking other creators’ work.​​ 

It will cost more credits if you create multiple images, or choose high-resolution pictures.

Credits can be earned by interacting with other creators’ work or when someone likes your creation. Your creations will be saved in the MY CREATIONS box. You can check them out at any time and change or edit them.​​ 


Nlightcafe is an amazing tool that helps you to turn your imagination into a creative reality. Now you have your very own personal AI assistance in​​ form​​ of nightcafe.​​ 

Its great advantage is that it is available free online. You just have to log in to it and you can start creating.​​ Your creations will be saved in the MY CREATION box.

You can also see other creators’ work. You can like their work. You can also get inspired by their work.​​ 

Whether you are a content creator or just a hobbyist, nightcafe is a cool tool​​ that you should try to create amazing artwork.




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