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Professions That Will Be Replaced Because Of Technological Developments

Technological developments have had an impact on human life. Technology enables our activities or works to be completed more effectively and efficiently. For example, we are currently experiencing the industrial revolution 4.0, where industry players allow computers to connect and communicate with each other. In the industrial revolution 4.0, many industries implemented automation carried out by artificial intelligence and machine learning without using human power.

Seeing this happening, it is undeniable that some jobs can be replaced by technology. Here are some of them.


Telemarketers will generally contact by phone and talk to clients using a company-provided script. The conversions generated by telemarketers have a reasonably low rate as people start getting annoyed. Many people are also worried about various cases of fraud committed by telephone. In addition, telemarketers have repetitive and predictable tasks, so they have an excellent opportunity to be automated. It is 99% likely that telemarketers will be replaced by technology, and this profession will decrease by around 3% in 2024.

Customer service

Customer service can also be replaced due to technological developments. For example, several companies are currently using software such as chatbots to help with various tasks ranging from making appointments, answering phones, providing information, and other customer service tasks. As a result, the probability that customer service tasks can be replaced by technology reaches 96%.


Proofreaders must ensure content is free from writing errors, starting from spelling, formatting, and punctuation. Technological developments have presented various proofreading software, and many companies have used them. However, even now, there are many tools to detect plagiarism and improve sentence structure so that the human role can be replaced.

Travel ticket booking agent

Technological developments present various applications that can use to place orders. People can easily order tickets online with an internet connection and smartphone. If, until now, travel agents have yet to transform towards digital, it is predicted that the travel agent business will soon disappear.

Web developer

Web developers work in the technology sector, but based on data obtained from, this profession also has a 21% possibility of being replaced. Many services like SquareSpace allow users to build their websites without writing code.

That said, neither technology nor AI will ever be able to build the web as human developers can. When AI succeeds in automating web or application creation, the role of human developers will still be needed to ensure the system can run smoothly and without problems. In addition, the maintenance process will also be carried out by humans.

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